Top 8 Baby Toys of 2017

Are you looking for the best and low-priced place to buy latest toys for your baby? You want the best place to buy online toys? Here, your quest has just ended.

If you are a caring and loving father, then you are the one who doesn’t need occasions to give gifts to your lovely baby.

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 You don’t have to wait for Christmas and birthdays to make your child happy. You can buy the latest and cheapest toys online.

It is a fact that babies till the age of 3months don’t need toys since their primary interest is sleeping and eating. But after three months mark, they seem really active, become more interested in their surroundings.

Therefore, that is the right time when you should introduce them to colorful and funny toys to keep them entertained.

If you are wondering, what kind of toys you should give to your little kid? Let me tell you, small kids are more interested in colorful contrasts and engaging textures.

You should always remember that your toys should be safe because children tend to explore their world by putting new items in their mouth. So, we have a great variety of safe, simple and enjoyable toys that will make your child intelligent.

WubbaNub Pacifier

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This simple toy is the best soother toy for your child. It is available with different easy to grab animals.  There is a rubber section so it would not harm your baby to chew on it.

Since pacifiers are small and sometimes they suddenly get lost but the animals part of it makes it very easy to locate, and these can be placed at bedtimes as well.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

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This toy has become very popular among babies. The reason behind is the high contrast spots that attract your baby’s eyes and its soft rubber which is soft on young gums. Another quality that makes it loving is its flexible neck and legs that allow a child to twist and play with it easily.

Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

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Nowadays, parents concern about their phones has increased due to children’s affection towards them. They always have to keep their expensive phones out of their baby’s reach which sometimes makes a baby cry. Nevertheless, now you don’t have to let your child cry, this new toy has the almost same appearance as your phone with colorful icons that will engage your child and make them happy.

First Blocks and Rock Stack Bundle

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This is a toy which consists of colorful and attractive stacker with soft rubber. This toy makes boy creative and intelligent with no harm. It is also far cheaper to other gifts and readily available. So, you can also give such a gift to your friend’s baby.

Go Baby Go Poppity Musical Dino

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Kids always find interesting to play with funny Dinosaur toys. Therefore, toymakers always try to introduce new Dino toys to babies. The Go Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino comes with attractive sky blue color with yellow feet which gives it silly look and non-threatening.

This Dino toy consists six brightly colored balls at his back to pop out from the mouth of Dino. It also plays eight different music and funny sounds effect. This feature makes babies more enticed to chase after the balls and repeat the process.

Skip Hop Stroller/Carseat Toy

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This toy has a uniqueness to engage your baby while you are traveling. It is equipped with an attractive cloud that shakes and vibrates when the handle is pulled by your child. It will entertain your child in their stroller or car seat with added features like rain, star, and sun.

So, don’t cancel your trip due to the little bliss of your family instead make them part of your holidays trip and fun.

Cloud B Plush Sleep Sheep Sound Machine

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This sleeping lamb toy designed to aid your child in sleep. We all know to get our new born baby sleep is a challenge. It is featured with 8 soothing melodies and white noise sounds which make it a favorite bedtime toy for kids.

Moreover, scientific research also proves that the most babies fall asleep within 5 minutes by this toy.  

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shaker Trio Rattle

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Skip Hop’s adorable little shakers come with different categories like owl, hedgehog, and fox. These toys make an original rattle sound. These are easy to grip with little hands and has a different colored textured belly. These products are famous for its phthalate free characteristics.

These toys help in stimulating your child’s senses for healthy auditory and visual development with bright color and distinctive textures.

Children are the most precious gift of your life. These little bliss fill the family with happiness and fun. So, don’t wait to make them feel special. Always remember at the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to child’s success is the active involvement of parents.

Author’s Bio: Jean Hull is a vibrant and versatile blogger who loves to write about families, relationships, and children. This blog is written to help parents in finding the best available toys in the market which can help their children to grow without any side-effects. He loves kids and therefore always willing to write about children’s need.


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