Ten Quality Screen Protectors for Your iPhone 7

iPhone is ruling the world of smartphones. Though it is the most expensive cellphone in the market, everybody desires for it. Almost any phone Apple introduces today is embraced by people and Apple iPhone 7 is not an exception to this. You have also one with you. That is great. However, you need to be very much careful about the protection of its screen since it is as vulnerable as any other phone’s screen is.

How can you protect the screen of your iPhone 7? How can you protect it from damage? The answer is iPhone 7 screen protector. With a high quality screen protector, you can save this expensive device from damage. The best thing about the screen protector is it is not much costly. Its cost does not stand anywhere around the cost of the screen of your expensive device or the screen replacement cost.

Here in this blog, I am going to tell you about 10 screen protectors that you can consider.

iPhone Screen Protector by Simple Snap

Simple Snap is a well-acclaimed manufacturer of high quality screen protectors. Its iPhone 7 screen protector is anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, water-resistant, and anti-bacterial.  The screen protector is available with 9H Hardness Tempered Glass. What is more, the company provides lifetime warranty along with the product.

iPhone Screen Protector by BodyGuardz-

BodyGuardz is a leading screen protector manufacturer. Its screen protectors for iPhone 7 are extremely hard and tough. They have ultra-slim PET film. They reduce glare and fingerprints, but still that offers screen protection. This has antimicrobial coating and is smudge resistant. This features strong scratch protection. This is durable.

iPhone Screen Protector by Moshi iVisor-

Moshi iVisor is a leading name in the market of iPhone screen protectors. The company offers high quality iPhone 7 screen protector. Its screen protector is designed for better touchscreen response and is clean and hygienic. It is smudge and scratch protection resistant. It is durable.

iPhone Screen Protector by Skinomi Techskin-

Skinomi Techskin is a well-known name in the market. Its screen protector for iPhone 7 is unnoticeable so you enjoy great screen clarity. It is scratch proof. It provides your device protection against yellowing so screen always look shining. It provides protection against oils, lubricants, and corrosion. It is durable, so serves you for several years.

iPhone Screen Protector by Xtremeguard-

This is also a well-known manufacturer of screen protectors. The company manufactures high quality screen protectors for iPhone 7. The iPhone screen protector is durable. Therefore, once you buy, this will protect your mobile phone for several years. This protects your iPhone screen protector from scratches. The tempered glass features extra stickiness as well.

iPhone Screen Protector by Write Right

Write Right is known for delivering quality screen protectors at reasonable prices. Its iPhone 7 screen protector has been recognized as to be an inexpensive choice to a durable high-end custom screen protector. Removing dust and residue is easier from it. This eliminates bubbles between the protector and the screen. It is fingerprints and smudges resistant.

iPhone Screen Protector by MoboZx-

MoboZx is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high quality tempered glass. The company provides high quality iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. The thickness of the protector is just 0.02 MM. Maybe it is the thinnest screen protector in the world. It features high quality clarity. You do not feel at all that you have installed screen protector on your phone. It is scratch resistant and can bear shock and dusk. It features 9H hardness with the oleophobic and hydrophobic clear layers. It is durable so work for you many years.

iPhone Screen Protector by iLLumiShield-

ILLumiShield is a highly appreciated name in the market of screen protectors. The company assures to provide high quality screen protectors for iPhone 7. Its iLLumiShield screen protector for iPhone 7 features oleophobic coating that protects the screen from abrasion. This is quite thin but is hard enough to protect your device. Glide touch technology is used in its manufacturing that makes the screen receptive to the touch. This is durable and word for long.

iPhone Screen Protector by Ionic Pro-

Ionic Pro is a leading manufacturer of screen protectors. It provides quality screen protectors at most reasonable prices. Ionic Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 features 9H hardness. It has high touch accuracy. It is easy to install and durable.

iPhone Screen Protector by Write Shield

Write Shield is an admired manufacturer and supplier of screen protectors. The company manufactures and supplies the screen protectors of almost all phone brands that include iPhone 7 as well. The Write Shield iPhone Screen Protector for iPhone 7 is made of polyethylene terephthalate, methyl-silicone rubber, and rubber. It features is durable so you can use this for several years. It is anti-glare and residue resistant.

So, what are you thinking? Do not waste your time and decide which one can be the best choice amongst them if you have not chosen anyone already. If you ask for my recommendation, then I would suggest you Simple Snap since the company provides lifetime warranty with its product that is quite difficult to provide for most of the companies. This gives an idea how strong it is. When you look at its feature, they are also tempting.

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