Which Signage Is Better- Digital or Traditional

If you are thinking to use signage for your business, you will see two options in the market – one is digital signage and the other one is traditional signage. Which one would you prefer? I know this question will confuse. For a minute, you will think digital signage would be better for you since it is digital, but very next second, you will think traditional one may be better for you, as this has been being used successfully for long. This confusion may make your decision difficult as you may feel impatient what if you realize later that you made a wrong choice, as the other option was better. I can understand your state of mind.

To help you make the right choice, I have decided to do a brief comparison between these two – digital signage and traditional signage.

Let us start with digital signage.

Digital signage-

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Digital signage is a versatile product. You can use to fulfill your multiple requirements. To share important information with your employees and clients, to educate your target audience about your products, their features, and their prices, to advertise your products and services, to avoid mess at public places like railway stations, bus stops, airports, and metro stations, and for so many other purposes.

Their versatility has brought a great boom in their demand. Business organizations are increasingly including it aiming at improving the quality of their operations, advertisements, and creating a good brand image in the eyes of their target audience.

However, is this right to say the inclusion of technologically advanced product can allow businesses to serve the client in a better way and help them in achieve their business goals? In some ways, this is right, but not completely.

Here are some pros and cons digital signage

We start with pros-

Holds the attention

Catching the attention of your target audience becomes quite easier with it. The information on the display appears in a colorful way that conveys your message in an appealing manner that everybody appreciates. Therefore, this can be a great advertisement tool to grab the attention of your target audience for you.

Change in information possible

As this is digital, you have freedom to show several information one by one. Moreover, if anytime you feel the information that is being shown on the signage has become irrelevant so needs to be replaced with new relevant information, you have freedom to do it. You simply can do this by uploading the new information in the software.

You can connect them with the internet

You can connect your digital signage directly with the internet. You can connect that to your social media accounts. So, you can look for relevant information on the web and show that to your target audience.

High Return on Investment

When we do anything in life, in our personal life, social life, or professional life, certainly return on investment is always in our mind. If we do something good for somebody, certainly, we want that person to stand with us when we are in need, is not it? So, if you are investing in business, then how you can ignore the return on investment, certainly not. The digital signage will provide you high return on investment since this will grab the attention of everybody and drive your target audience to your store.

As you have now seen its pros, we now come at the cons.

Some people find this irritating

Digital signage is used to show different pieces of information in a colorful style that irritates many people. Many people find this difficult to look at it because of its changing screens.

You may need to have this fixed

Digital signage is a software-based machine. Its software may corrupt or some problem in hardware may happen that can result in its breakdown in that case you have to get it fixed.


This is expensive compared to traditional signage. So, if you take it leaving traditional signage you have to pay more.

Traditional Signage

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Since the digital signage has been introduced, a decline has been noticed in the demand for traditional signage but this would be wrong to say people have completely discarded it. Still, there is a large number of businesspeople who prefer this for their needs.

We start with its pros.

No maintenance is required

This is the best thing about traditional signage is that it does not demand maintenance.

Available in more variety

Contrary to digital signage, it provides you more options. You get in many different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Cost Effective

It is cheaper than digital signage.

You can change the information

If any information ever becomes obsolete or irrelevant, you can change it. However, you cannot do as you do in digital signage. When you want to display some new information, you can take help of a painter to show the new information with the paint.

Now, we look at its cons.

You cannot use different pieces of information at the same time

The digital signage allows you to display different information at the same time, or one after another. On the other hand, when you use traditional signage, you do not have any such facility, and this is the thing that creates a major difference between the two.

It is not as eye-catching as digital signage is

It is another major difference between the digital and traditional signage. It is not as appealing as the digital signage is.


Both digital signage and traditional signage have their own features. It is up to you, which you prefer. However, if you ask for recommendation, I will recommend you digital signage.

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