Reasons! Why USB Type C Is Next Generation USB?

If you are not from technical background, you might get confused by so many USB Types and adaptors.

That must be a reason, you are looking for an easy and simple to understand definition of these devices. These new technologies are very easy to understand, if you are not someone who is afraid of technical terminologies.

You may have noticed that each day something new is introduced to the market, modifications and upgradations of techs are something that is taking place every day. So, to remain update what all you need to do is ‘Reading’.

If you want to reflect yourself as a smart person in the society, you don’t need to buy latest gadgets but it’s essential to gather information about the latest one.

There is a USB Type which is gaining popularity rapidly. It is none other than USB Type C which has spread like a fire in the electronic market.

It has gained prominence to such an extent that the latest smartphones like Google Pixel and LG V20 has adopted this technology. I think in future it can become the Industry standard for USB connections.

You might think what differs USB Type C from that of USB Type A. Let me tell you there is a big difference between the both. There is no doubt that USB Type C has some features in common but it is much innovative and imbibed with technical advancements.

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What is USB Type-C?

It’s a new type of superfast connector for the Universal Serial Bus standard which can support number of new standards including USB 3.1 and USB Power Delivery.

 It is nearly one-third of the size of its predecessor USB Type A plug, which has remained as the industry’s standard connector for years. It has also got a unique reversible feature that makes it more user friendly than older models.

Invention of USB Type-C was a result of introduction of more compact mobile phones. This is the reason why Micro and Mini ports become common among users in these years.

USB-C is the future where it’ll become the standardized small USB connector/port to be used in multiple devices.

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For the few years, Apple MacBook has come up with only a single port which has gained attention of lot of people i.e. USB Type C Port.

Here are the key features that makes USB-C an outstanding new connection and charging standard.

More Power Supply: If you are the victim of poor charging speed and looking out for the solution.

I can assure you, USB Type C can supply a lot of power from both the ends. It can charge your device with the power supply of 20volts -100 watts, which is enough to charge any computer device and will be left with respectable amount of power to charge other device as well.

It supply power according to need of the device which increases the battery life. It streamlines the power supply which enables you to charge more devices at the same time.

Additionally, it enables hosting or peripheral device to provide power when needed because power direction is not fixed in it.

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Reversible: Here is one more feature that you may love. Now you don’t have to worry about orienting your cable in right position anymore.

 Earlier with the standard cables in which both ends were different, most people found difficulty in selecting the right end to insert in device and this problem mainly occurred in the absence of light.

However, with USB-C luckily you have got rid of that old problem. Each end of the cable can easily connect to your device. No more you have to determine the host and client while setting up your cables.

This reversible feature of your USB cable has cut down the need of adapters now you’ll not have to carry handful of adapters.

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Backward Compatibility: Are you fond of carrying bunch of cables for multiple purposes?

I don’t think you’ll have to carry such load after reading this. USB Type C facilitate variety of protocols such as HDMI, VGA, Display Port and other connection through a single USB port.

However, you can need adapters to connect older USB types with USB-C because you can’t plug in older USB devices into a modern USB-C port.

Transferring Speed: Does it takes whole day to transfer a huge file? Now, you can reduce it to few minutes because USB-C is compatible with up to 10gbps of data transfer rates which is an incredibly high transmission speed.

If we compare between USB2.0 and USB3.0, you will find the later one is 184% faster than the older. Now if it’s not enough for you then there is USB3.1 which is twice as fast as 3.0, clocking in at 10Gbps.

Image source: Apple Support Communities

Software Support: It has been seen that major software giants – Linux, Windows 10, OS X Yosemite and Android Marshmallow have considered the vast adoption of USB –C in their devices.

Therefore, you’ll never face any challenges in the context of software support system.

In the last one thing is quite clear, although USB-A is still the industry standard but cannot be competed with advanced technology of USB-C. So, in short USB-C is future while USB-A will be a story of bygone days. So, you better make choice while buying gadgets specially laptops, charger and mobile phones.

I hope you found it helpful, in case of any query or suggestion. Please feel free to use comment box.

Author’s Bio: Mark Lee is an enthusiastic blogger. He loves to share the technical information in a very simple way. He has got experience of more than 10 years in writing. In this blog, he tries to mention the important features and benefits of USB Type C.

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