Purchased an iPhone 7? Buy a Tempered Glass Also!

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So you have purchased an expensive iPhone 7 for you. You must be very happy and flaunting this amid your colleagues and people around you. That is great. But, have you installed a tempered glass on your expensive device? If you have not done this yet, do it fast, as you can show your phone to everybody around you later but if your phone falls on the floor accidently then its screen will damage and you will have to get this replaced. That will vanish all your happiness because Apple does not provide warranty on accidental damages. If your phone falls and its screen is damaged then you will have to pay for the new screen, and you know iPhone LCD screen are much expensive. So, are you ready to bear one more big investment on your phone? If not, then do not delay.

The best thing about the tempered glass is this is quite cheap in comparison to the price of your pricey phone. Having a cup of coffee in a well-known restaurant may be costlier to it. So, if you can avoid a big financial investment with so cheap investment why take a chance? Do not send invitation to damage and wait for it, but avoid any such possibility right away.

When you go to market in the search of tempered glass, you see many brands and you do not get an idea, which one is the best and you have to believe the words of mobile accessory seller. So, instead of going to the market, go online. The web will allow you see countless numbers of tempered glasses and provide you loads of content about them that will allow you to do a comprehensive comparison and make a smart choice.

But, do you have that much time? Time is precious in this fast moving life. Time does not manage itself as per our requirements, but we have to manage things according to time. So, I can understand this may be difficult for you to do your search this way.

Okay, so I tell you some features that you must see in the tempered glass and when you find a tempered glass with these features, you can possess that.

That needs to be simple to install

The installation must be simple that you can do yourself. For this, you can look for a tempered glass with a disposable mold that can easily fit on your device. If you take such a tempered glass, then you simply need to push the mold over the screen and leave the glass flawlessly. It would be better to look for screen protector that can be installed without bubbles.

Provides protection against Scratches

Scratches are quite common on the screen of cellphones because you nail them several time while moving your fingers to open any option or do anything. Screen protectors protect phone screen from such scratches, but it would be better to look for a tempered glass that can easily bear the pain of nails and remain unaffected. So, while doing your search, do check whether a tempered glass provides protection against scratches or not. If you buy such a tempered glass, the glass will look smooth and not let the shine of your phone fade away.

Provides protection against water

The screen protector needs to be water resistant. If this is not water resistant, it would not be able to protect your phone from water damage. So, if water or any other liquid falls on the screen, the screen will damage and then you need to go for expensive replacement. So, don’t forget to look for this feature.

Touch Must Remain Unaffected

This is another important thing to look for. You should take a tempered glass that must not create any trouble in using the touch. The touch should work perfectly and your fingers should feel that comfort that they feel on the screen without the tempered glass.

Must be able to face Shocks

It is another important thing that you need to check. If you take a tempered glass that is unable to face shocks, the tempered glass will break. So, you will need to replace it. Therefore, this would be important to buy a tempered glass that must be able to face shocks.


Durability is the next most important thing to check. You cannot ignore it. A company that can provide you guarantee regarding durability is surely a reliable one because only that company can offer guarantee with its products that is sure about the quality.


It is not so much costly that you need to compromise with the quality. You can easily buy the best quality tempered glass, so look for its features and not for price while searching.

So, while doing your search for the best quality tempered glass at the best price, you need to check for these abovementioned features. When you find these above-mentioned features in a screen protector, you can consider that. It would be better to check online reviews about the product and band as well.

If you want an overly less time consuming method, my suggestion is to search for SimpleSnap tempered glasses for iPhone 7. SimpleSnap is known for providing high quality tempered glasses with lifetime guarantee what else do you want.

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