Plastic Screen Protectors Vs Glass Screen Protectors: Which One You Should Take?

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Screen protectors are important to protect the fragile screens of cellphones. They work like bodyguards and do not let the phone screen damage using their full strength.

When you go to buy a screen protector for your phone, you mainly see two types of screen protectors – glass screen protectors and plastic screen protectors. If the shopkeeper shows you both and asks you to choose whichever you like, you often get confused.

With an aim to help you deal with your confusion, I am writing this blog post. This blog post will compare both sorts of screen protectors to give you an insight regarding difference between them, allowing you to make the right choice.

Let’s see it now.


When we invest in anything, we want to get the best value for our money. The durability of the product is one of the key elements running at that time in our mind. Reinvesting in the same product in a very short span of time looks a bad idea to almost everybody, as we know that by investing in a durable product we can use that money to fulfill some other requirements. So, if you are thinking about a durable screen protector, you are doing no mistake. When we discuss durability, the plastic screen protectors are better choice than glass screen protectors are. The former is able to bear more shocks than the later.


However, there is no dearth of such people who pay more attention to the looks of the stuff they are going to invest in than its durability. When it comes to investing in screen protector, the number of such people goes quite high. Maybe you know the reason. If you are unsure, I tell it – the glass protector is not so much costly that people have to think much about investing in it. If you set durability aside and focus on the appearance, then apparently glass is the best choice. The glass looks much better as a screen protector compared to the plastic do.


When it comes to clarity, plastic screen protectors cannot be compared with glass screen protectors because plastic screen protectors are prone to scratches and grease. If you are accustomed to keeping your phone in the side pocket of your trouser in which you keep the keys of your car as well then the keys might cause scratches. On the other hand, glass screen protectors are safe from scratches. Therefore, glass screen protectors provide you more clarity than that of a glass screen protector.

HD Screen

Not all, but some plastic screen protectors might diffuse the HD screen of your expensive device. Therefore, if you are taking plastic screen protector for your phone, you must enquire about this aspect. On the other hand, you do not have any such risk when you take a glass screen.

Movements of fingers

When we look at these two screen protectors in terms of the movements of the fingers on these, we find glass screen protectors are smother than plastic ones. Your fingers easily move on the glass screen protectors. However, many high quality plastic screen protectors are available now in the market that can provide you the same smooth feeling that you have on glass screen protectors.

Prone to damage

Everybody knows glass is more prone to damage than plastic. Plastic can bear more severe shocks than glass. The same rule applies here with the screen protectors as well. Therefore, if you are going to buy a glass screen protector, you need to more cautious about your cellphone because you are going to use glass to protect the glass screen of your mobile phone. However, if we compare the glass being used in the screen protectors and the normal glass being used at other places, we find this is glass is of high quality that is able to bear more shocks than common glass. Though the glass is of the high quality that does not break easily, this fact cannot be denied that eventually glass is glass.


If you do a comparison between these two screen protectors, you will notice that the plastic screen protectors are cheaper than glass screen protectors are. So, if you do not want to spend much more on the screen protector, then this will be the best choice perhaps.


If you do a comparison in terms of class, the plastic piece cannot be compared with the glass screen protectors.

If you have seen these abovementioned points, you must have realized that every piece has its own pros and cons. In many terms glass based screen protector is better and in several terms, plastic based screen protector. So, now, you should make your selection as per your personal taste.

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Dubey Devdutt is a writer by profession. He has written on various topics including screen protectors. He has written this blog to help those people who are confused regarding which screen protector they should take – glass or plastic.


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