Planning to Buy USB Type C? Here Is an Easy Buying Guide!

Technology has given us a lot of revolutionary products that has changed our life to a great extent, and has offered a lot of convenience in performing various activities. One such tool that is developed by several technology companies to connect computer peripherals is Universal Serial Bus. In short- USB, has now become a universal standard and you would hardly find an electronic device without any specific kind of USB port.

If you are reading this, then you most probably be planning to buy this equipment, or wanting to gain information about it that can help you to make the right choice in this regard. First of all, you will need to decide which USB cable will fix your device.

If USB Type C Hub with HDMI is what you are looking for, because it is what suit your electronic device, then there are a few things you should know before you make the final purchase. Below is a buying guide provided that hopefully can help you find the right flash drive, so that you can get the most out of it.

Similar Instructions of The Product Can Be Misleading

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If you find two similar Type C OTG Cable with same features, storage space, and both are made by the same manufacturer, then you might question yourself that why one of them cost more? Well, this difference in prices is usually due to the quality of the components, which is responsible for the performance of the drive. Better quality components mean better performance of your drive.

There are two things that influence the speed of such cable, the one is the USB port, and the components of the flash drive. If you want faster speed, then you should go with USB C to 4 port USB 3.0 hub rather than USB 2.0.

But, to get better performance, before plugging USB Type C to Micro USB Female Adapter, make sure that the both flash drive and USB port support 3.0 standard to expect high speed.

Another thing to look for in the product to ensure about its good speed is the flash memory and the controller used in it. There should be advanced controllers and quality of memory in the drive, so that it can transfer and store data in an excellent way.

The Smaller and Thinner, The Better- Do Not Go with This Myth

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Talking about the drives that were available several years ago, their body was so big that they create a hassle for the users to use them when plugged in. The great thing is that these devices are now available in smaller size, making it more convenient and portable for the users.

But, the fact that should be considered is that too much small size of the equipment would not be able to fit the quality components in it that we talked about in the above points.

A more physical space is required for adding the better components in the flash drive, and cutting back on the size of the device means compromising in this regard. As the technology will boost up in the coming years, we will eventually get more options of thinner and smaller USB cables consisting all those advanced components that offer higher performance, like you get from the higher quality drives. But, such equipment has not been introduced in the market yet.

So, as of now, if you want a high performance and powerful drive, then it is suggested to settle down for the bigger one. And yes, if all you need is convenient and portability, then a smaller drive would be fine for you.

When Would You Need Micro USB Ports?

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I am specially talking about Android users here, who get really excited about flash drives consisting of both normal USB port as well as Micro USB Adapter. It is because they find it easy to transfer stuff from their PC to their Android mobile phone. Well, you can say, kind of.

If you are an Android user, then you would need to check if your phone supports, USB type C OTG (On-The-Go). Your phone should support this standard, as then only it could read external flash drives. For this, you can check the box of your phone and the website of the manufacturer you have bought the phone from. Another great way of doing this would be, just Google it.

If the handset you own does not support such standard, then it would be useless and pointless to buy a flash drive with a micro USB port. Ultimately, you would be shelling out your hard-earned money on a useless feature. But, if your phone does support USB OTG, then it would be a great way to expand its storage space.

So, we talked about some of the factors that you should know before purchasing such equipment. By keeping these points in mind, you can start your shopping from a reputed store that deals with such kind of equipment, and that can allow you to buy them at affordable prices.

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