Some Great Advantages of RFID Technology

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Radio Frequency Identification technology widely known as RFID technology is not new, but has been in existence for several decades, as it was introduced in 1970s. However, in present, its demand has been quite increased and is used in different industries for different purposes.

RFID technology is based on reception and transmission of radio signals. Tags are used for this purpose. These tags comprise antennas that respond by receiving and transmitting the radio signals. RFID tags identify the radio signals

Tags are classified in two categories – active and passive. Active tags possess a power source while passive tags receive power when come in the contact of the active tags. When compared to active tags, passive tags are less expensive.

Here are some great advantages of the RFID technology.

Wireless Scanning-

Wireless Scanning is an excellent aspect of Radio Frequency Identification technology. This speeds up the scanning procedure compared with barcoding system. When you use a barcode, you have to bring each code before the scanner to register the stuff so if you plenty of items to be scanned, it takes much time. However, when you use RFID technology based wireless scanner, you can do this with very fast speed, as you do not have to bring every product before the scanner that makes inventory management simple and fast.

Unique Tracking

This is another great advantage of RFID technology. RFID tags have a chip or microchip that is able to store a large amount of information that enables the user to use separate or you can say unique tracking identifiers on every product. Therefore, you need not use the same barcode for all items that separates one item from the other one. The unique tracking system makes this quite easy for the users to identify defective items and separate them.

Real Time Updates-

The use of RFID technology allows you to have access to real time updates. Yeah, this has made real time updates possible. You can get the real time updates of all the items sold and present in the stock. You can get the details regarding the attendance and movement of people…..


If you want to prevent your stock from undesired people’s reach or want to protect them from theft, then you will have to make your place inaccessible for such people. RFID technology will do it as well. You can put the RFID technology based lock at the entrance door and provide entry card to those whom you want to have access to that place. They will be able to enter and exit with the help of their cards, so nobody else would be able to have access to that place.


This is a great way to mark the attendance of your employees. With RFID technology based attendance card, you can check the movements of your employees. This allows you to check how many times your employees went outside leaving their workstation. This can be a great way to mark attendance in educational institutions and keep tracking their movements. How many times students leave the classroom can be tracked by the RFID readers so that teachers can ask students to bring improvement in them if required. With this, you can prevent unauthorized people to enter your office or school.


RFID technology has brought great revolution in the banking sector as well. The debit cards and credit cards we use are based on this technology. If this technology had not been there, ATMs and swipe card machines would not have been there. So, we would have to stand in long queues before banks to withdrawal cash for our requirements and have to carry cash with us every time for making transactions. How difficult the things would be? Just imagine. Today, we carry cards in case of any emergency we use them, but what if the cards had not been there.


Many companies have taken advantage of this technology for their marketing purposes as well. They provide their customers or target audiences RFID technology based smart cards, and provide them some points in advance that they can use when they are shopping with them. Such cards have become a great way to attract first time buyers for their next requirements because they know they will get some discounts because of the points they have been given. Moreover, in order to ensure, next visits, the companies provide more points on every purchasing.

These are just some of the main advantages of the RFID technology, but not all. They can be a great business companion for you. You can use this technology to market your products, improve the security in your organization, and tracking the inventory.

Therefore, if you are serious about your business and have not used any RFID technology based products by now then don’t do any delay and look for the best RFID technology expert. He would let you know how you can use this technology for your business. How can you reach any such expert? Google the term ‘RFID technology products’, check the search results, and contact the representative of any website that appears you dependable. The expert of that company will make you understand everything in detail.

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