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Getting a retail store up and running can be a pretty intimidating task. Of course, you must have thought about location, size, other big ticket supplies and accessories, like displays, lighting, POS systems, etc. Yet, there are so many tidbits that still have to be managed. Do not fear, there are special stores and websites that can easily help you in your endeavor. Whether you need to plan your store layout, buy your displays/shelving, or find the right POS system, we have you covered @ American Retail Supply.

Here are some less sexy retail store supplies that are just as necessary for the running of your average retail store.

1.Shopping Bags
Customers need to carry product out of the store. Every retail store needs shopping bags or merchandise or grocery bag.
T-shirt bags are a standard for many- from grocery stores to clothing stores. They are cheap and readily available. But being plastic are not environment-friendly.
Paper bags, also known as kraft bags, are another popular option. Sturdier, and more classier than a traditional t-shirt bag, make them ideal for boutiques, galleries, gift shops, and as takeout bags for restaurants. Moreover, They can be easily branded with a logo stamp or logo stickers. A great side effect of this is that people who purchase your product will be advertising for your store or event as they travel around town!  Great way to show off your product in style!


2. Industrial/Floor Mirrors
Industrial mirrors are a must for any Retail store selling clothing, shoes, glasses (sun or prescription), etc. need to have mirrors. Floor mirrors are ideal for use on your sales floor. They provide a customer with immediate visual feedback. The size of mirror you need is dependent on what kind of product you are selling (full length for clothing, shoes, or small tablet size for glasses, jewelry etc).

3. Retail Marking Gun and Labels
If you are not set up with a computerized POS barcode system, retail marking guns and labels are a must for every retail store. It makes price-marking a breeze and is way more effective and legible than writing prices out by hand. Labelers can also be used solely for pricing sale and clearance merchandise.
Identify, track or price the merchandise in your retail store, manufacturing facility, or distribution center with a great selection of popular brands like Monarch, Meto, Garvey, TG Tachers, Tach-It and Avery Dennison price markers and taggers.


4.Retail Display Cases Racks & Showcases

Whether you are a small-business owner/huge store owner who is trying to pick displays for your store, let’s start with the main display types. We carry a wide range of acrylic displays and accessories. Acrylic showcases or counter displays aptly accentuate the product while the acrylic display fades into the background. You can create a versatile floor display with panels, hooks, shelves and other accessories. Create your own unique grid merchandising system, using grid wall, designed specifically to suit your own retail store needs.
Slatwall is the easiest type or display fixture wall to use. Slatwall accessories including hooks, waterfalls, shelf brackets, faceouts, baskets, and slat wall displays.
Whether you own a retail store in the mall or run small jewelry business from home, we carry jewelry accessories and displays that will help you merchandise your best pieces to their optimum potential. Choose from necklace, earring, ring, jewelry riser sets, jewelry trays and insert, jewelry display pads, hinged jewelry boxes, jewelry pouches, signs. tags and cases.  You’ll also find contemporary design countertop displays and modular countertop displays.


5. POS System & Accessories

Are you controlling your inventory as effectively as you can, or is your inventory controlling you and limiting your potential growth? Are you looking for hardware like cash registers, barcode scanners, printers or monitors? The type of hardware that you choose depends a lot on your specific store; things like store size, how many checkout lanes you have, the number of locations, etc.
The same is true of software. Not every retail point of sale system is made equally. Our resident experts can help guide you through the process of choosing the right software for your business, and they take care of all of the support as well! It’s a hassle-free process that gives you confidence in your retail POS system so you can spend your time focused on serving clients, not on fixing computers.
Whether you’re looking for a completely new POS system or you want to offer customized gift cards at your register, we want to help you achieve your POS goals. We want to help you find the perfect POS solution for your store.

6.Security and Surveillance
Businesses lose billions of dollars annually as a result of shoplifting. We can help you decrease some of those losses in your store with our security locks, announcers, mirrors, and EAS devices. We also offer ways to safeguard high theft items with keepers, spider wraps, and bottle cap locks.

Picking your displays and store fixtures can be a harassing process. With right kind of merchandising fixtures, displays and more you can amply highlight your product and emphasize your brand. Top this up with some groundwork upfront research, in your search to select the right displays for your business.
At American Retail Supply, you could expect to get the largest variety of wholesale product to help you run your retail store of any distributor in the U.S.A. We promise absolute best client service in the industry, in fact in any industry.

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