Find Out What Your Favorite Celebrities Wore At Their Prom

Before they hit the red carpets, styling world, and glam squads, many celebrities had the same typical prom high school moment just like most of us. From little Mix starts, Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian, and more, many celebs wore for the biggest night of their teen years. Here are the celebs’ #TBT prom portraits for which, they are perky and sometimes, umm, happily embarrassed about. Let’s have a look-

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Image source: cosmopolitan

Leigh-Anne decided to share her prom look via twitter and we all are glad about it. Well, she looked like if she has made way to prom directly from a western saloon. This baby-faced singer has come a long way in terms of her fashion choices.

Natalie Portman

Image source: pinterest

We all try a lot to look the best at our prom, but not all of us succeed in it. Well, this shiny outfit of Natalie Portman is one of such examples. The best part about this picture is that it would have made the actress remind of her glorifying prom night with a dash of fun and laughs.

Sophie Turner

Image source: cosmopolitan

Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark wore a scarlet one shoulder dress that gave us red wedding vibes. She shared this prom pic on twitter back in 2012. Although, gorgeous red cocktail dresses are very much in these days.

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall

Image source: twitter

“Went for the Diana Ross vibe and failed. Shout out to me mams fireplace”, this is what Jade wrote as a caption for the throwback prom pic she posted on twitter. We really adore the silver shiny dress, but not much sure about that frosted silver eyeshadow.

Lily Rose Depp

Image source: pinterest

Life is too unfair sometimes, and why I am saying that? Well, because I am pretty sure now that Lily Rose will never cringe seeing the pic from her prom like the way I do. Looking a super model from every inch with her delicate, peach floor-length gown.

Jaden Smith and Amandla Stenberg

Image source: ibtimes

 Let’s welcome the prom king and queen, because trust us competing this incredibly stylish couple is simply absurd. This couple went to their prom in 2015, looking like coming straight from the runway…jealous much?

Kim Kardashian and T.J. Jackson

Image source: pinterest

There is no need to introduce about what a commended diva Kim is. Well, talking about her prom pic, she went on choosing a white colored side-splitting floor-length gown with a bold neck line. I am quite satisfied with Kim’s look. Well, almost!

Taylor Swift

Image source: tribupedia

The pop star had that glaze from the beginning, we can see that on her face. Talking about her gown, she dressed up in a white strapless floor-length outfit that was very subtle poetic.

These were some of the celebrities on their prom. Do not forget to tell me who was your favorite and who made you giggle more. And, make sure your prom outfit tells a unique story when you look back at it after a few years.


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