Some Common Problems with Apple iPad Mini and Their Solutions

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You want to know about some common problems that may victimize your Apple iPad Mini and their solutions as well, right? Do not worry. You have come to the right place here. I will not disappoint you.

Here in this blog, I will discuss some of the most common problems as well as how you can deal with them.

Let’s start now.

Your device is running slow

This is a very common problem. You can resolve this by doing soft reset. Press the Power and the Home button together and your device will shut down and reboot.

 If this does not work, then you will need to do hard reset. The hard reset is done to resolve issues like frozen screen, touch screen issues, crashing apps, random voices, etc. This will remove all your data and accounts links to it. So, first connect your device to a computer and iTunes on it. Now, click Restore. iTunes will now ask you whether you need to back up your data, click yes. Then click restore and your phone will restore. Once this is done, iTunes will ask you if you want to restore your data, say yes if you need it.

New Back camera is not working

This is a common problem. When people have the back camera changed of their device, sometimes, they make this complain. This may be because your device is not identifying your new camera. For this, you will need to do soft reset of your device. The soft reset will eliminate the cache memory for your old camera and allow your new camera to work.

Several people complain that their new camera is working, but they are getting poor images from it. In most of the cases, this happens because of the protective film attached with the camera. If open the device, remove that protective pin, but do this very carefully. If even then the problem does not resolve then transfer the photos to another device and check the quality of picture on them. If the picture opens well on other devices, then the problem is with the screen of your device and not with the camera. But, if the image appears in the same way as on your device, this means the problem is with the camera and that needs to be replaced.

New battery is not working fine

When battery is replaced, many have complaints that the battery is not working well. For any such situation, the first thing you need to do is you need to change the USB cable. Maybe this is because of the cable. If this does not work, then remove the battery and plug your device straight into your computer, and if still that is not working then it means the problem is with the charging port.

SIM Card Tray is not working-

This is possible that the SIM card of your device has gone demagnetized. So, this would be better to remove the existing SIM and put in some other SIM card to check. If this works, then get your existing SIM card replaced. Otherwise, the SIM card tray might have damaged. If this is the problem, this will need to be replaced.

Front camera is new but not working

If you have installed a new front camera as your old camera was not working, but new one is also not working then do soft reset. The old cache will remove so the new camera will start working.

If you notice blurry images, then first transfer the images to other device to check how they are reflecting on them. If on those devices, the pictures are appearing fine, then you need to check your phone screen. If they are not working fine on the other devices as well then you need to open your device to remove the security cover applied on the camera lens. If this does not work also, then it means the camera is defective so eventually you will have to approach the company from which you have purchased that camera.

The new LCD screen is not working.

If you have replaced LCD screen of your device since that was damaged but the new one is also not working well then it means you need to do soft reset of your device. If the reset does not work, then check the LCD flex cable for nicks or crimps.

If you are seeing blotches on your display, this may be because of the excessive pressure on your screen. Open the device to check for any residual glass from the original broken screen, clear it properly, and then screw the device properly. If this does not show you desired result then put your phone on sleep mode, and attach your device to your computer via data cable and leave it for 24 hours. Maybe your problem will resolve. If still the issue does not resolve then the screen might be defective. So, approach the organization from which you buy it.

Above described are just some of the common issues related to Apple iPad Mini and their solutions. Many issues are there that you can resolve yourself by following above-mentioned ideas and taking help of iPad Mini repair guides. If you require Apple iPad Mini replacement parts, you can check for them online and get them. Once you get them, you can resolve them with the help of iPad Mini repair guides.

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