Some Common Problems with Apple iPad Mini Repair

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The better you understand any device the better you can use it! Alike, the better you know your Apple iPad mini and the probable risks to it, the better you can use it. When you buy an iPad Mini, you get a manual with your device that provides you useful information regarding the use of your device. Therefore, instead of talking about your device, I want to share you some major probable risks to your tablet.

Some are as following

Back Camera

Fixed on the rear of the iPad, this is your default camera. Most prevalent problem related to it is dotty or fuzzy images. Mostly this happens when you have damaged the external lens of this camera.

However, as you notice this problem, you need not think about lens replacement. The first thing that you should do is you should transfer the photos taken by your tablet to other devices and then check the picture quality on those devices. If the problem still exists on them, this means camera lens needs replacement. Otherwise, the screen of your phone has problem.

Front Camera

If you are getting unclear or spotted pictures when you are clicking photos from the secondary camera or front camera of your device, then you should do the above-described test first. You should transfer the photos to other devices and checked how they are showing on them. If on other devices also the photos are blurry then you will have to get the camera fixed.

Bluetooth Antenna Flex Cable

The antenna, fixed next to the home button, curbs the synchronizing of your device with other devices. If you compare other tablets in the markets with iPad Mini, you find that its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions are managed by two different antennas. The Wi-Fi antenna is fitted in the left side of the tablet. In case, your tablet does not connect to a wireless internet signal, you will have to replace both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna.

Cellular Antenna Flex Cables

A set of two cables connects your device to your cellular network. Three different components – cellular antenna set, is SIM card, and SIM card reader. If your device is unable to connect to the cellular network, then cellular antenna set and SIM card reader needs to diagnosed and fixed if SIM card is working fine in other tablet.

LCD Display Screen: 

The LCD is fixed under the top touch screen glass. This curbs your visual display. This is separate from digitizer. If the touch function is not working or the screen is broken, then digitizer also needs to be replaced.


This is the power source with which your device runs. Unlike other tablets, its battery is put into under the device components. As you can replace the battery with your own hands in other devices, you cannot try this with your own hands in your iPad, as this might be a risky deal. If you try this yourself, you may break several components. So, this would be better to buy iPad battery from a recognized iPad mini replacement part sellers and then take that to a repair specialist. If you want to do this with your own hands, you need to read iPad repair guides that will provide you helpful idea about it.

Power, Sleep, and Volume Buttons

These buttons are a set of four separate parts. With these parts, you can manage volume (increase or decrease it), put your device into sleep mode when you do not want to shut it down, and you can switch off and on your device. The problem occurs with these devices when flex buttons are broken. These buttons needs replacement only I they are broken or lost.

Charge Port Flex Cable

This is used to manage charging of your device. When battery in your device goes down, you use the charger to charge it, or you connect it to a computer via data cable and the battery of your device charges fully. If your device stops reading the charger, then this may be because of the chare port flex cable. When you take your device to a specialist, he will diagnose your device and then fix it.

Headphone Jack Flex Cable

Headphone Jack is the port in which you plug in your headphones to listen to any audio or talk to somebody with a microphone. Apple has added two separate versions of cable differently for Wi-Fi and cellular. If you are unable to listen to anything with your headphone, then firstly try another, but if that also does not work then you will need this part.

Microphone Flex Cable

Microphone is the part that allows person on the other side to hear you. This is located at the top and cannot be repaired. Therefore, when it stops working, you need to get it replaced.

Power Plus Volume Flex Cable

This button does two works for you. You can use this to on/off the power and to control the level of the sound. Apple has fixed this at the top of iPad Mini under the power button. You cannot take your device to just any phone repair technician for its replacement because this is a complicated replacement. A little careless approach can result in the damage of the motherboard.

These are some the common problems that you may experience with your iPad Mini. As now you know about them, this would not be difficult for you to deal with them.

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