Choosing the best POS system for your Business

What is a Point of Sale system?
Simply explained, It is the central hub where everything merges. POS systems simplify crucial business operations. IT is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations. But selecting the appropriate software for your business can be an overwhelming and challenging task.
All small business like Retail, Health, Groceries, Petrol & Gas Stations needs a POS system that can break down day to day management into easily manageable compartments like Inventory Management, Sales Reporting, Customer Management and Employee Management. These are must have POS features. Yet many single store owners are still wary of buying a POS system. Instead, they prefer manual bookkeeping or Excel and QuickBooks for maintaining their store and cash registers.
Let us look at the hardware components that a good POS system needs to possess in order to support the software:
Register Screen – Is the monitor now increasingly replaced by iPads for displaying the product database. Other tasks that can be performed are employee clock-ins and viewing sales reports.
Barcode Scanner- Scanning barcodes is the most convenient method to pull out product info as well as add to the totals while checking out. Inventories are easily tracked and listed using barcodes. It automatically adjusts stock levels.
Credit Card Reader – With EMV payment becoming standard, this is a mandatory field required in a POS hardware.
Receipt Printer – An important component for giving a print out of the receipts to the customers as well as to print employee sales totals, hours and other information.
Cash Drawer – People still prefer to make cash payments and an automated cash drawer serves this function well.
Store owners benefit greatly from the automation and organization POS hardware and software systems provide. Streamlining business processes for successful enterprise with fewer hassles, POS system is a must for every merchant.

Making the right Choice

Yet, experts are of the opinion that before zeroing on buying the suitable POS system for your business. Ask these simple questions:
Does the functionality of the system suit your specific business needs?
Is it profitable to buy one? How much is the cost?
Do you always need to sign a contract?
Do you need to pay any hidden fee?
Is any hardware proprietary?
Moreover, I would recommend that do ask around for word of mouth information regarding the best POS suited for your business type. After research and survey, go for a modern solution which is secure, easy to use and easy to maintain POS system.
iConnect is a powerful POS system for all types of small businesses. You are not bound to one ecosystem. It gives you flexibility in hardware, as it works on the iPad, iPhone and Windows mobile, as well as over the Web, so you can access it from any device.

Service businesses, such as salons and gyms, benefit from its specialized features like booking and scheduling, check-in and check-outs, and membership sales. POS system is much in demand by small enterprises to streamline its activities. iConnect is a POS for the modern franchise with standardised hardware, centralized reporting and improved unit economics.

Benefits Of iConnect POS System

iConnect POS is the best iPad POS system for businesses that want their technology to grow with them. Run your entire business from one POS app. iConnect’s range of features & customization make it compatible with a variety of industries. Another feature that makes is a worthwhile choice is its multi-location feature. iConnect is the most scalable mobile POS currently available. Whether you plan on expanding in the future or already operate multiple locations, the iConnect team can help guide you through initial setup and deployment of the app. iConnect is the perfect POS solution for franchisees AND franchisors. With each additional franchise opened, deployment is almost instant.

iConnect has emerged as the choice of many entrepreneurs like SEVA Beauty, Beef Jerky Outlet, Pro Image Sports, & Murad Inc, and thousands of small businesses on main street America. iConnect POS technology improves customer experience and the bottom line.

As a franchisee, key features and benefits include:
An out of the box point of sale solution that requires little training:

• Better employee and customer experiences
• Increase sales with loyalty and marketing automation
• Quantifiable IT and operational savings
• On-demand access to reporting
• Multi-unit management and reporting
• Industry specific back office management
• Cloud Connectivity and offline mode
• Omni-Channel: Countertop, mobile & Kiosk


As a franchisor, key features and benefits include:

A Centralized POS system benefits the corporate office in many ways:
• Instant access to ALL levels of data across all locations
• Open API’s to integrate with existing legacy back-end systems
• Company-wide gift & loyalty programs
• Control: highly customizable user access permission settings
• Generate ACCURATE territory reports in seconds
• Master product editor: One click menu and catalog editing across all locations
• Quantifiable IT and operational savings
• Our world class development team can consult with you to develop and implement specialized solutions


The business intelligence that this app helps to generate gives a quick overview of performance in beautiful charts and graphs. Flexible payment methods like cash payment, credit, check, gift card and even tokens or bottle caps can be managed with this cloud-based app. Try the full features loaded 7-day free trial. This app can be loaded on all types of platforms & devices. Get in touch with us by filling the online form for free consultation. No credit card information is required.

iConnect is the first cloud POS system to integrate with enterprise back end technologies like SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and IBM. Let us help your corporate organization make the jump to the future of POS. For special cases, the iConnect team is capable of fully customizing a POS system to fit your unique business needs.
• Work with an unrivaled software development team to achieve the perfect set of tools for your business.
• Integrate custom payment solutions.


• Work with the iConnect team to create a UI design that reinforces your brand.


iConnect is the perfect POS system for your Business. It is simple to use, beautiful and powerful system.


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