Why a Cattle Farm should Use Custom Cattle Ear Tags?

Do you have a big cattle farm? Are you always confused to find a particular animal in your cattle farm? If yes, it’s really a matter of big confusion as there are a large number of animals in your cattle farm and most of the animals have the same look. And, it is very difficult to keep an identification mark for each animal. Hence, a proper management is needed so that you can equally concentrate on every animal. Cattle are important in every country to fulfill the need of milk, beef, and other byproducts. Therefore, cattle are reared on large scale.
You can have the best profit from your raised animal, only when you have a strong and strategic way of management. And, a cattle farm have a large area for animal grazing, so identifying a particular animal there is a quite tedious task. Hence, people used a sign mark as a paper having animal name, number, and category. Though this paper shows the detail in a perfect manner, after a certain duration it gets faded, so again that confusing identification situation. Hence, an innovative system appeared as cattle tag which is a simple solution for any farmer to implement.

What is actually a cattle tag?

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A cattle tag is a metal or plastic object that uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) for identifying live stocks and other animals. It is known as electronic ear tag that follows ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 international standards. It works at 134.2kHz along with ISO or IEC 18000-6C operating under UHF spectrum. It actually carries a code for the animal or Animal Identification Number (AIN) that helps to show the information about the animal. It shows the location capturing 24 hours animal movement showing the properties in which animals are traveling.
This cattle tag is now available as custom cattle ear tags, means you can have the modification in the cattle ear tag as per your need. This ear tag is available in different shape, so you can have the shape as per your animal comfort.
Different Shape of Ear Tag
• Flag-shaped ear tag: This ear tag has two discs joined through the ear that has flat plastic surface over which details related to the animal is printed with the simple readable script.
• Plastic clip ear tag: It is a molded plastic strip which is folded over the ear edge and joined.
• Button ear tag: It is two discs joined with the ear.
• Metal ear tag: It is an aluminum, brass or steel with sharp points which clipped over the ear edge with stamped identification.

What is the purpose of ear tags?

When cattle animals are born, their features and look very similar to each other. And, as they become older their appearance become similar to their peers. Ear tags are a way to identify each animal individually by having information like which animal is grazing in their farmland. Ear tags are just like the birth certificates that show when you were born, what’s your gender and what kind of vaccinations have been completed. And, with the custom ear tags, you have the facility to add and remove the information as per your animal identification convenient.
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that can provide you any type of custom cattle ear tag as per your need. And, if you find such ear tags, then you must know the perfect way to apply this ear tag on your cattle.
How to apply ear tag?
You can apply this ear tag with the use of ear tag applicator in a very simple way. However, there are also some designed tags that can be applied with your hand. And, as per the need of tagging, an animal can be tagged in one side or both side of the ear. In the case of the tag replacement of the ear, you must keep in mind that they are not placed just near the ear pinnae that may cause the tag ripped out accidentally. You may prefer tagged on both ears to have the advanced security or as a legal requirement with amazing benefits.

Benefits of Cattle Tags Identification
• Cattle identification helps to have both management and visual benefits. You can identify the cattle with cattle tag that which cow is which.
• It helps to determine that which animal is performing well and which needs a more concentration.
• It helps in proper management and production of animals.
• Shows the complete history of the animal in your database system that what kind of production you have acquired in which situation.
• An accurate counting of your cattle by tracking their age. This helps you when you need to replace the animal.
• You can immediately make the decision by just going through the complete records of the animal.
• You can check the carcass data while female selection. Evaluation of cow or bull’s influence on carcass quality can be more complicated while identifying individually, but with cattle tags, you can easily acquire that.
• You can have the premium value with a special beef program based on varied factors like age & source verification, background performance record, and more.
• Animals can be easily categories based on varied factors.

There are a number of benefits that you can have by implementing the custom ear tags. Nowadays, there are many advanced manufacturers who can easily provide you the perfect custom tag as per your business length and need. You may also approach silicon wristband manufacturers to find the perfect quality of cattle tags at the reasonable rate.
Where to find custom cattle ear tags?
You can look for varied online portals that work on the basis of technologies like RFID and NFC for manufacturing RFID wristbands, RFID wristband for events, and more. You can find custom cattle tags at the fast and reasonable rate. You can search for different types of cattle tags as per your business needs.
Hence, if you have yet, not implemented such advance technology with cattle tag, you immediately need to move towards custom ear tags to have the perfect benefit from your cattle farm in a very simple way.

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