Why Buy A Garden Furniture In Braided Resin?

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Should buy a garden furniture in resin, wood, plastic and even see teak. If you want to buy a resin garden furniture it seems to us that it’s the right choice! Indeed the advantage of the resin is obviously that your garden will be able to stay all year outdoors and will not suffer aggression from bad weather. Nevertheless, some models according to their qualities will resist rain, but also sun and UV.

Discover our references in terms of garden furniture in braided resin. There are several price ranges that suit all needs and budgets: garden furniture in black braided resin if you are looking for a dark and UV resistant color.

Also look for your braided resin garden furniture according to the capacity you need: we offer a 6 seated wicker resin garden furniture that will be perfect for your family and guests on sunny afternoons.

If you need more space, do not hesitate to take a look at our range of garden furniture XXL resin.

Braided resin: Undeniable advantages for the garden lounge

A braided resin is a material that undoubtedly offers the best characteristics of the market: lightness, sun resistance, impermeability, lack of maintenance, ease of cleaning, attractive price. Choosing a high-quality woven resin garden salon offers a high-performance product in all these characteristics, in addition to being visually attractive and trendy.

The woven resin garden furniture stands out from the crowd of outdoor furniture. From day to day, many people get them to spend a pleasant family time in their garden. The rush to outdoor furniture made from this material is probably not a coincidence. Indeed, this piece of furniture is an aesthetic absolutely neat. There are several models. These different models are available to customers. Irresistible, each other, garden furniture made from this material have become the trend of the moment. Are you planning to buy a piece of furniture for your garden? The diversity of manufacturing materials of garden furniture Does she plunge you in the embarrassment of choice? You do not have to worry anymore. Here are some reasons why you should opt for garden furniture made from braided resin.

Braided resin: what is it?

Still called poly rattan or synthetic wicker, this material is a synthetic fiber made from polyethylene. This fiber is widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry. Having the appearance of natural rattan, it is considered to be a polymeric version of it. Synthetic wicker is a plastic that is fully recyclable. It has proven resistance to weather and weather. True, this fiber looks like a natural material, but it is not one. Poly rattan offers many technical advantages. Handwoven around an aluminum structure this material makes it possible to obtain different forms of furniture. This characteristic makes him a popular subject. There are essentially two types. We have on one side the synthetic wicker and on the other the round.

The flat poly rattan

Of the two types of rattan polys, the dish is the most common. It is very aesthetic and gives a prestige character to the garden. Lounges made with this type of poly rattan are modern and their designs are truly attractive. This is the choice if you want your garden has a glamorous appearance.

Poly rattan round

This one is less widespread than the previous one. Indeed, garden furniture made with this type of synthetic wicker proves to be more expensive compared to the previous one. This price difference is not without explanation. Obviously, this material is a high-end product. Lounges made from round poly rattan are those that offer a natural rattan look. They are not only classy, but they also have the stature and charm of the countryside.

However, whatever the type of poly rattan used in the manufacture of your garden furniture, you can reassure yourself of enjoying the same benefits.

The advantages of poly rattan garden furniture

In recent years, poly rattan has become the most popular material for outdoor furniture consumers. To enjoy the beautiful weather in the heart of the garden, living rooms in synthetic fibers are now the first choice of French. This craze for each other for this furniture should not be surprising. The quality of the material is large enough to talk about it. Indeed, poly rattan has many advantages. Not only can it be structured teak or aluminum, but it also allows to obtain very remarkable designs and especially current. Other benefits of this valuable material include:

The strength of the wicker garden furniture

As mentioned above, the poly rattan has the advantage of being resistant. It is absolutely made to withstand weather, temperature changes, and UV. Moisture, heat, or frost have no influence on this material when properly treated. It is of a fairly long life. The resistance of these salons makes them the most suitable furniture for the outside. They can be left in your garden without any fear of degradation.

The resistance of resin garden gardens with salt water and sunscreen

These garden lounges are best advised for areas located by the sea. And for good reason, the saltwater or the ambient air of the littoral zones does not represent any danger for this furniture. Similarly, they can be used for gardens with swimming pools. They have no weakness when exposed to pool water and sunscreens.

The plurality of colors of the garden lounges

There is no fixed color of garden furniture. On the market, you will find different colors for your happiness. Of these, we have light brown, black (silver and leather), white, sand color, etc. This advantage is not at all negligible. By cons, if you are handymen it will be possible to make a garden furniture palette and you will see that the rendering can be super nice!

Their integration into the garden

These are very practical and decorative furniture that easily adapt to the decor of any garden. They are available in a variety of colors. It could not be otherwise. To acquire one, you will not be obliged to use the services of a professional decoration. You just have to choose the color that corresponds to your garden to pass, in the absolute comfort, unforgettable moments.

Their weight

Furniture made from poly rattan is light and easily moved. With a reinforced aluminum frame, they pose no problem for moving from one point to another. Are you one to enjoy every corner of your garden? These salons are the ones you need. You can move them easily as you wish.

Their price

Compared to some garden furniture made from other materials, they have the advantage of being less expensive. This material obviously offers furniture for all purses. You will not need to empty your bank account to get one. Given the life of these shows, it is necessary to admit that it is a fairly advantageous investment. You have them for a long time. Thus, you can devote yourself to other expenses.

Their recyclable appearance

The poly rattan parlors are not dangerous for the environment. On the contrary, their material of manufacture is a scientific revolution going in the sense of the fight against the degradation of the environment. Being recyclable, this synthetic material can be reused to make other objects, which helps to slow down the deforestation a little bit.

Garden living room in synthetic resin

For a more modest budget, we also offer a garden lounge range in synthetic resin. This material offers a good compromise because it costs less than braided resin while offering good performance in the sectors: resistance to water, sun and durability.

Some disadvantages of these garden furniture

Although Poly rattan garden furniture has many advantages, it should be noted that they also have some disadvantages. Even if these disadvantages are smaller, it is necessary to specify them. Of these, we can quote:

Their forms

Poly rattan garden furniture is large and cannot be folded. Being massive like the others, it is therefore almost impossible to pile them up. As a result, they occupy enough space when storing them. Which could be a concern.

Their weights

Being able to easily move this furniture is certainly an advantage, but it also has a disadvantage. They are light and therefore irresistible to the wind which can move them so easily in the garden. Do not reserve a corner to put away your garden in case of a storm could expose them to destruction?

Maintenance of garden lounges made of synthetic material

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, it should be noted that the garden furniture, poly rattan, do not require specific maintenance.

First, they are furniture that has a waterproof surface. The dirt cannot get through the fibers. Then, when the synthetic material accumulates dust, it is easy to clean. Just use jets of water to remove the recent dust deposit. For extra cleansing, you can use slightly warm soapy water and a soft cloth to gently rub them. This is how you will succeed in giving your furniture its brilliance of the first days. Finally, you do not have to invest in cleaning products. However, if you want to use detergent for cleaning, it is best that you do not use products containing chlorine, solvent, and hydrocarbon. Similarly, avoid using objects that can damage the fibers namely metal brushes.

However, since these outdoor garden furnitures are to be exposed outdoors, it is advisable to take some precautions to increase their life. Obviously, if poly rattan is very resistant, this is not the case of cushions used for garden furniture. In order to protect them from dust, it is recommended to use protective covers. Thus, you are sure to have no surprises in the spring. To make them ready for use, all you have to do is remove the protective covers. You can then easily wash your cushions and relocate them for moments of happiness with family and friends. All in all, to make your synthetic wicker garden furniture really durable over time, it is recommended to store it indoors during the winter.

How to choose the poly rattan garden furniture?

Interested in the advantages of poly rattan garden furniture, you have made the decision to buy one. It is an excellent decision. Now you have to make your choice. This is not as easy as one might think. Indeed, there are on the market different qualities of garden furniture made with poly rattan. We have on one side the high quality (high end) and the other medium quality (low end). Not knowing how to make the right choice could expose you to disappointing situations. To avoid this, here are some points you need to make your choice.

First, you need to be reassured that the braided resin in the living room you want to buy has been treated well against ultraviolet rays. Similarly, its color must have been tinted in the mass. Obviously, these are the conditions for your living room weatherproof, lasts in time and keeps its original color. See if you want a large living room in 4 or 6 places like the model Belie 6 places in resin braided.

Then you need to find out about the synthetic wicker used to find out if it’s a registered trademark or not. If the piece of furniture you have in front of you does not bear the name of the manufacturer, you must be careful. Choose salons made of synthetic material marked with the sign that it is a registered trademark. Only then will you be sure that you have at your disposal a high-quality poly rattan garden furniture. It will not only be tough, but you will also have it in your garden for years. Outdoor furniture is one of the most important needs for your home nowadays go this website for further information.

So you have to pay attention to the selling price of this furniture. To want, it costs, to buy a low poly rattan garden furniture, you risk buying a product of poor quality. The higher their prices seem to be, the better the quality is there. Do not skimp on the means to offer you the comfort you deserve. It is well worth it.

In addition, do not hesitate to put the braiding of the selected resin to the test. Good braiding remains stuck to the furniture structure. Try to move the material to reassure you of the quality of the living room on which your choice is worn. See the synthetic wicker move against the metal structure should you question the quality of the finish that has been made. Such a garden room would not withstand the weather badly.

Finally, opt for a living room whose different parts have been put together since manufacturing. If your choice is made on a piece of furniture to screw, it is not obvious that it resists long displacements or shocks. Which could be a regrettable investment.

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