Beauty Hacks to Celebrate Skin Friendly Holi

Holi offers and discounts
Holi offers and discounts

We all love the fun that holi brings with it, but what about the skin disaster that comes post holi celebration ?

We all know holi colors are extremely harmful to the soft tender skin. However, this was not the case a few years back. Traditionally, Holi colors use to be made with the natural substances. For instance, spring flowers, hibiscus flowers and natural ingredients like turmeric powder were used to make holi colors.

But today, the market is flooded with harsh chemical colors. In the name of fancy products, chemicals like copper sulphate, mercury sulphide, and lead oxide are mixed in colors. The chemicals are added in high quantity so mere washing off the face or applying oil won’t be enough.

Dealing with post-holi rashes, dry hair, scalp damage and other issues can be tough to handle without right skin care products. The best part?

These products are not just skin friendly but also wallet-friendly. How? Well, Holi offers and discounts are out! Do I need to say anything further? So with just a few hacks, enjoy the festival without worsening the skin. Here’s what you must do:

Pre-Holi Massage

Massaging your hair and skin properly with oil is important. However, if its holi, you need something more. So  massage with a mixture of jojoba and coconut oil a night before. The mixture of this essential oil creates a protective layer for the hair and scalp. This prevents them from dust and color that can cause permanent damage. Also this will help you to get rid of holi colors easily without drying the scalp.

Apply Hair Nourishing Mask

Getting rid of scalp and hair dryness is not easy. Thus, mere oil massage won’t be enough. Post holi colors end up losing hair texture and shine. So it’s important to restore hair nourishment. The best way is to apply a root mask of any good brand. Hair mask contains hair essentials.  This will give you healthy, beautiful and stronger hair.

Use Natural Cleanser to Wipe off Colors

The real juggle comes in removing colors after playing holi. So the first step is to rinse the face with plenty of water. Next, use a cleansing cream or lotion to massage on the face. Dip cotton into this mixture and wipe off the holi colors gently. Remember not to use soaps or harsh chemical face wash. Such products are alkaline in nature and cause skin dryness. Cleanse the area around the eyes using a light touch. Remember to be gentle while washing off the colors to avoid skin irritation and rashes.

Moisturise the Skin with Aloe Vera Gel

Moisturizing the skin is important to relieve skin dryness and burning sensation. It’s important to use a natural moisturizer post holi. For instance, using Aloe vera juice or gel on the skin. The aloe vera juice contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two are known to heal wounds and skin inflammation. Thus, relieves from post holi rashes, cuts and skin itching.

Use Waterproof Makeup and Shine in your Holi Party

Getting ready for the holi party without makeup? No Need, when you have waterproof makeup on your side. Use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes look bold and beautiful. Wait, want more of it? Go for smoky eyes look. Use the eyeliner and smudged it a little bit. That’s it! Your light & easy look is ready for holi day.

Apply Sunscreen 20 minutes Before playing Holi

Playing holi is fun but the not so fun part is tanning that comes along. Yes, the constant exposure to the sun during Holi can make the skin dry and cause tanning. So don’t miss the sunscreen cream. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 20. Use a higher SPF cream if you are suffering from pigmentation. A layering of sunscreen is the best way to protect the skin from heat and harsh colors.

Use Lip Balms to  Prevent Lips from getting Chapped

The holi colors contain chemicals that can leave your lips dry and dull. So it’s important to use a good quality lip balm before heading for the holi party. The lip balm will protect your lips from getting dry or chapped due to colors.

Hydrate the Body Properly

Holi offers and discounts
Holi offers and discounts

Not many people know but a hydrated body prevents holi colors from seeping into the skin. So don’t forget to drink plenty of water & juices to protect your skin on the holi day.

That’s it! These hacks will protect your skin and hair while you enjoy the splash of holi colors. So this holi, don’t forget these beauty secrets before you head for you holi party. Have a happy and safe holi.

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