7 Easy Breezy Ideas to Decorate Your Dream House

Are you planning to refurbish your house? Whether you are moving to a new house or looking to revamp the existing one, there are some designer tricks that can be employed with minimal effort.

Yes, the theory of “Less is More” easily applies here! Sometimes, the small efforts can make a big difference. It could be a clock, painting, mirror or anything else.

If you are not sure what to add and what to not, don’t worry, your designers are here!

There are many ideas that can make your house more appealing and look more spacious like interior design . Decorate the house to maximise its aesthetic appeal, light, and space.  Also, pay attention to colours and theme.

Don’t hesitate to try new things. Decorate your house to make it your heaven on earth!

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I am sharing with you 7 easy home décor ideas, advice, tricks and lots of decoration secrets along the way!

Follow these tips to decorate your house and feel the difference!

1) Mirror:

Hang a designer mirror on a side wall; it is a secret to make the place look bigger. The mirror will reflect the light and create a positive and nice ambiance. Don’t buy a big mirror instead buy the medium size. You can place the mirror near the window so that it will create an illusion of another window and also will reflect the view.  So, show off with magnificent mirror!

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2) Artwork:

Hang a beautiful painting and fascinate the visitors of your house. The magnificent allure of paintings never fails to mesmerise the people around. Make sure that you are hanging it at the right height. Some people place it too high and some too low. The appropriate height of placing an artwork is around 3 to 8 inches above the furniture height. Boast with a picturesque painting!

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3) Curtain:

Add colour and texture to your room by hanging a matching curtain by keeping in mind your room’s theme. You can also use curtains as room dividers. Use curtains to create an illusion of a window. Use traditional fabrics such as satin, silk or try metallic fabric. If you have a chandelier in your dining, these metallic fabric curtains glimmer outstandingly. Flash with colourful curtains!

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4) Rug:

Rugs make the room warmer! Place a beautiful rug under the furniture. Place the rug in an area so that the front legs of your sofa and chairs are on the rug. If you want to buy a small rug, then place it under the centre table. If you have a big dining room, you can use two rugs of complementing colours. Make it warm with a ravishing rug!

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5) Cushion:

Follow the theory of bold solid with the stripped pattern! To accent the beauty of your bold colour couch, use cushions of subtle pattern such as stripes, check etc. and vice-versa. Make your own style statement for couches and cushions. Remember the colours should be complementing and you can also try mix and match styles. Exaggerate the beauty with catchy cushions!

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6) Flower Vase:

Who doesn’t like fresh flower fragrance? Buy beautiful vases and place live flowers to add charm and sparkle to your house. Be your own florist, decide the floral arrangement as per your choice, choose a bunch of roses or lily and fill your house with a tempting aroma!  Fragrant the house with your favourite flower vase!

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7) Photo Frame:

Personalise your space with a photo frame! Display beautiful moments of your life, cherish them throughout your life and let them the part of your home décor! Place elegant metallic design and simple photo frames that will amplify the beauty of your image. Make a splash with pretty photo frames!

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So, these are 7 easy breezy decorative ideas that can magnify your house beauty! Now you might be wondering where to buy all this stuff? Not to worry again! There are many sellers online that are selling a huge collection of home décor items. You can search for the provider nearby your area.

If you are living in Kenya, search the supplier of interior design, home décor or furniture in Kenya using the internet. You will find a lot of sellers offering services. Choose the one whose products and items appeals you more. Don’t hurry up in making a choice, take some time, research out things and pick the right one.

I hope that by reading this article, you have got some valuable insights on home decoration ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Order the items today and kickstart your home decoration journey! Good Luck!

Author’s Bio:

Ricky Bell is a brilliant professional writing on home improvement related blogs for several years. His latest interest is writing on home decoration ideas.

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