5 Ways Of Putting Your Camera To Good Use

Are you a photographer? There, we can bet you wasted a second thinking the answer before actually saying yes. Each one of us, who can click that button and make the shutter sound on the camera is a photographer. Professional or not, now that’s the real question. And no, we are not going to ask that, for it is irrelevant here, on this blog. It doesn’t take a real photographer sometimes to click mesmerizing pictures. But it sure takes a professional printer to transform those photographs into something outright brilliant.

Now, as your cool photojaanic mates, we have dug deeper into finding the ways you can make your photography skills widely appreciated among your near and dear ones. And if it’s something that doesn’t interest you, then perhaps this will. How about leaving a mark wherever you go or whoever you meet? That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? After all life is all about meeting new people, retaining the old ones and making the most of the time spent with them.

Without much ado, let’s begin talking about those awesomely amazing ways you can put that 13MP camera on our phone to a good use. Or the DSLR you bought but hardly used. And when you have clicked some pretty cool pictures, use them, any of them to make the most of all those moments that had happened and the ones that are happening this very moment.

1) Surprise Your S.O.

You love your man. You love your woman. And you love one very special particular thing they do. But sadly, your man or woman have no chance in knowing how gorgeous they look while doing that. Go on a mission and wear that black overcoat, pick up your camera, hide in the bushes, or behind the couch, or wherever your S.O. can’t see you and click them in action. Then, surprise them with personalized photo mugs, perhaps one for each day of the week. Or hang that personalized photo of him or her on the wall of your bedroom, the very photo you clicked while they were sleeping.

2) Go on a photo walk with your kid

Kids love offbeat activities, more so if done with their parents. So, grab that little hand out of the blue and go wandering around the streets or parks or any random place. Oh, while you do that, don’t forget to carry your camera. It’s a photo walk after all. Once out, click random pictures with your kid, of your kid and capture the very fun you two have. Once you have loaded your camera’s memory card with a thousand pictures, meet us online. We’ll help you bring another incessant smile on your kids face as he/she finds those personalized playing cards lying on the table. The cards with the very pictures of you two clicked. And then, see that smile go broader as you sit alongside, playing with those very cards.


3) Play The Game Of ‘I Shoot’ With Your BFF

Let’s do this for a change. Let’s plan a fun trip with our BFFs, or simply go café hunting. And then, let’s do that with a twist. Let’s carry our DSLR or simply use our phones camera and click random pictures of them and each other. When the evening’s over, let’s find someone with online photo book printing. And as we, aka photojaanic, come into picture, let’s secretly print a photobook of all those photographs. Then, as the weekend approaches, let’s invite our BFFs for coffee. Now, guess what would be over the coffee table? That very photobook with pictures of our BFFs we clicked the other day. As you sip your coffee and watch them flip the pages, wink in the air and we’ll wink back.


4)Don’t You Love Your Pet

Now we don’t mean to point this out but our pets, just like every other person, are with us only for a limited time. While you undoubtedly have innumerable memories with your pets, maybe now is the time to back them up with something tangible. How about using this weekend for a fun day with your pet? We mean just wandering around or perhaps, letting him or her wander around as you click some wonderful pictures. Then, maybe just for fun, while you are already meeting us virtually to get your pets personalized photos, how about walking a step farther and getting greeting cards printed online with your pet’s photo. Now, out of the blue, send those greeting cards across, to your pets loved ones, we mean your loved ones of course and surprise them. How much fun is that!

5) Convert Your Drawing Room Into A Photo Gallery

We all have an adventurer hidden somewhere inside us. The problem, however, is that either we don’t high five it or we simply ignore it between those long working hours, quite like the rest of our near and dear, loved and adored ones. Having said that we hope you know hiking at sixty or camping at fifty is not as much fun. Just go AWOL, maybe not literally, and hang around random places, walk, meet the nature and for once, feel the power of peace, not search for it or hope to find it at random places. Then, while you sip a hot cup of coffee by a roadside café, down the hill, grab your camera and click your moments of mindfulness, the moments you felt alive as never before. Once back to your base, you know where to find us and how to have those photos print online and then, where to put those photos, sometimes to flaunt but mostly just to relive those memories over a morning cup of coffee.

Life is a beautiful circle, not a vicious one as plenty call it. Or perhaps, they call it so for that’s how they see it. Don’t follow their footsteps. Create your own on the sand by the beach, or the mud down the hill, or the marble floor of the five star you visit on a vacation. Create your own memories, you beautiful souls, and send them out as greeting cards, spreading the love, inspiring your dear ones. Or simply hang them on the wall of your drawing room and bedroom and wake yourself to a smile.

*All images have been sourced from Pexels

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