5 Products and Product Modifications That Are Downright Insane

We love technology, you and we at Revamp. That is a fact neither of us will deny. For if the case had been otherwise, why would either of us be here, right? Right. When that’s sorted, let’s move on. Products of technology. No, we won’t dwell and digress deeper with why and how we love them, for much of it is evident and the rest is something we’ll save for another lazy day. Today, however, we are in mood for some fun. Perhaps a good laugh or ten. Yes, we got the mood right. Cool, so let’s see what the tech world has been up to.

AI, while much part of it makes us yawn and doze off only to dream fancy dreams many of which end in nightmares, the other part of it excites us, widens our eyes and makes us go all crazy stalking Elon and the likes. We digressed. So, what? As long as it’s technology, eh? Alright, so the topic above reads product modifications boldly and clearly. But the specific kind of product modifications that are downright hilarious. Insane, was it? Okay then, insanely hilarious. But we also mentioned our mood for the day, which is totally up for a good laugh. So, should we let the show begin? Alright here, we quit playing the games.

  • Android Vs IOS

The biggest question in the history of time, which one is better Android or IOS? And bigger than this biggest question is, which one should we opt, Android or IOS? And the biggest question than that bigger than the biggest question is (pardon the ‘big’ misuse of language), if you are stranded on an island and you can use only one app, which one would it be? Wait, what? What are we talking about, you say? Who would provide the battery for using that app for all that time? Duh! Now you got us. The basic purpose of having a phone is to make the calls when the signals are right, right? But when there is a dying battery, forget signals, what good is either Android or IOS? Won’t an age-old millennial, err we mean nineties model of cellphone suffice?

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  • Look Under The Seat

Yes, there are chances of finding old wrappers, perhaps a playboy between trashes of cigarette cases and, let’s not dig deeper. Point in the making is with the modification of bench seats into bucket seats, perhaps digging deeper is the apt option to find what’s lost in the wrong turn. If we recollect the old days- 2K kids, we mean millennium kids, don’t fret, you might not know what we are referring to here- the bench seats were safest to keep stuff from falling. With the entrée of bucket seats, a thing lost is probably lost forever.



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  • AI In Toothbrush To Guide You Into Heaven Knows What

Alright, so you see our talking about AI had not been all vile in digression but an attempt at touching your curious nerve to serve it well at the right time. And that time is now. Let’s use our real intelligence to sneak into artificial intelligence of this toothbrush. Oral B-Pro 5000 is the next big thing in the history of innovation. This peculiarly smart toothbrush with Bluetooth guides you to brush your teeth via a varyingly peculiar app. That is the advent of technology our ancestors from eighty years ago must have written on a shabby piece of cloth and hidden it inside an earthen pot- a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush that guides man into dental care via an app. High-five granny-from-the-twenties!

Sourced From Takolako

  • Hushme or Shushme But I’ll Still Talk

Do you like to talk? Do you prefer to put your point across right even if it takes a full long hour? Do you feel cool talking on the phone for as long as it takes without thinking about those poor souls who are trying to concentrate on work? Okay, we don’t mean to make you sound like the evil queen of Suicide Squad, it’s perhaps the words of those poor souls. The very ones who possibly want to hush you. ‘Hushme’, you say? Now, that’s what we heart about you. You’re so smart. Fine then, you already know the latest rave in the market and the only product that’s smart enough to haze us on whether to like it or laugh at it. So, this product aka Hushme is the perfect cosplay mask for the next Comic Con. And when it is not, use your smartly vested money into hushing your voice for the poor souls while taking a call. Plus, it’s got an inbuilt voice changer. Now you understand our plight. Okay, we like it- Hushme. Now shush, let us prank our mate.

Sourced From Kickstarter

  • Let’s Make ‘Em Ripple

One from the last century, err we mean last decade. Oh, heavens be on our side, last year we mean. So, last century, coffee entered our lives and made it merrier. Last decade the ripple effects on foam of the coffee came to being and made our lives joyful. Last year, Ripple Maker came into the tech being and made our lives hilarious. Seriously, what on earth have people been thinking. Okay, before you cast us on the insane island, we are talking about ripple maker. Right, let’s shine some light on the mocha, we mean matter. So, you still like the ripple effect in your coffee. Which means you are not that regular expresso digger. Cool. But you like the ripple effect and you have been dying to create your choice of ripple, read image transformed to a ripple, over your coffee foam. Count it done. That’s it. We’re not talking any further here.


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While the brilliant minds are up, bringing wonderful inventions to life, it is only fair to say being ahead of our times is an equally smart thing to do. It’s, however, sailing in the present times with innovations that knot and choke the psyche, at times with its hilarity is what we tried to pull up here. We know you’ve got something to add here or comment about. Meet us a little ahead of here. Not in time, just the distance.


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