12 Very Unusual but Beautiful Flowers That Can Leave You Awestruck

beautiful flowers
beautiful flowers

The beauty of flowers has always been cherished and appreciated by humanity from the most primitive periods. The colorful creations of nature have melted the uncounted number of hearts with their charm and have been the source of expression for many unspoken words. The variety in design and colors of every flower often fill us with a sense of wonder about the marvelous creation all around us. Most of us have often sent and gifted flowers to our near and dear ones on various occasions, and some of the best services of online flower delivery in Pune can construct beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers.

There are various flowers that you will see around whether you visit a flower market or order flowers online Pune. But there are some flowers which are unusual and uniquely beautiful. Since these are not always readily available, you may not have seen them or even heard of them. So we will list down 12 of such special flowers, for you to keep in mind when you order your next online bouquet delivery in Pune.

Beautiful Flowers-

  1. Cherry blossoms: This is a really beautiful flower that is only found in some countries. These are very popular in Japan, and the blossoming period at the advent of the spring season, the trees are covered with pink and white shades. The blossoming period lasts for about 14 days, and many Japanese families spend an evening below this tree to celebrate the occasion.

  1. Lilac: This is the most favourite flower of many people, and it has white and purple shades along with perfectly shaped petals. It also symbolises the season of spring and youthfulness. According to Greek mythology, Syrings, a nymph, took the form of these flowers to escape the attraction of the Pan, the God of forests.

  1. Bird of paradise: This is a unique looking flower which is native to South Africa. It has an exceptionally beautiful look and when in full bloom, it takes the shape of the bird of paradise, thus giving rise to the name. It is an outdoor plant with three outer sepals of orange colour and three inner sepals of deep blue colour.

  1. Iris: The Iris is a bright and colourful flower that has shades of blue, white, purple and yellow making it look like a piece of painting from an expert brush. The Greek goddess Iris is the messenger o love, and this flower represents communications of the heart. The flower varies in forms, shapes and colours and each one has its own

  1. Lotus: A fully blooming lotus is a real beauty and has a unique fragrance. The perfect symmetry and arrangement of the flower make it look as if handcrafted by some artist. The pink lotus is the national flower of India and has been referred to in the ancient Vedic texts as the sign of the spiritual evolution of human beings.

  1. Bleeding heart: This is a flower that can change the look of a garden with its gorgeous looks and bright hues of pink, red and yellow. The flowers are shaped like a heart, and on the blooming season, each stem of the plant can contain around 20 flowers. Sometimes the morning dew appears as drops at the bottom end of the flowers making them take the appearance of bleeding hearts.

  1. Water Lily: These aquatic flowers are extremely beautiful and almost seem picture perfect, making them the subjects of various artists due to their form and beauty. They come in many shades of colours like white, purple and pink and also has a lovely fragrance. They are often used for indoor decorations and can make the whole house glow.

  1. Gazania: This is a flower that is native to South Africa and is extremely beautiful in shape and colour. It has brightly coloured petals and shapely leaves that make a stunning arrangement. This flower needs the sun to bloom, and they grow through the mid-summer, till the start of fall season.

  1. Dahlia: This is a very gorgeous looking flower that can charm a viewer with its vibrant looks and comes in a wide variety of shades. What makes these flowers more attractive is the wonderful colour gradient that flows through each petal and makes them appear more exquisite in appearance.

  1. Torch Ginger: This is a very showy flower that is quite large and can be a perfect addition to beautify any garden, They grow in tropical climates and a wide variety of soil types. The flowers look unique and come in bright shades of red, orange and even in pink.

  1. Orchid: Orchids come in astonishingly beautiful colour shades that are bright and eye-catching. This family is quite widespread and includes various plants that produce flowers of various shades like white red, pink, yellow, violet etc. and some of them even come with a fragrance.

  1. Moonflower: The moonflower is a lovely looking flower that blooms at night and is mostly found in America. When fully bloomed, it looks like a full moon and gives out a pleasant smell. They need a warm climate to bloom and mostly grow in spring and summer seasons.

These are some unique flowers that are much appreciated for their colour and beauty. They are not easy to find and collect, but you can always try the services of online flower delivery in Pune to get the best flowers of any season.

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